Press Release for ArtAscent 'Gold Artist' Award

For immediate release: 8/5/2014

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Somerville Photographer Awarded Top Prize By ArtAscent Magazine

Landscape Images Submitted To ‘Hidden’ Theme Earn Gold


SOMERVILLE, Mass. - Aug. 5, 2014 - Award-winning artist and Somerville resident, Jim Baab, announced today that he is, again, being recognized for photography that fools the eye. ArtAscent, an international art and literature journal that showcases indie and emerging artists, has selected Baab (rhymes with tab) for the magazine's 'Gold Artist' award. This award includes a professional review/profile in Volume 8, the current issue themed ‘Hidden’, and the promotion of Baab’s artwork via ArtAscent’s social media channels and its web site,

Regarding the landscape images Jim Baab submitted to the magazine’s ‘Hidden’ call for art, ArtAscent Contributing Editor Ana Bambic Kostov writes, “Working with human models, the artist artificially created impressions of landscape, concealing his true visual tools. Only upon careful inspection is the human shape recognized, otherwise perceived as either a rock in “Jawbone Pond,” or a darkened sky in “Summit.” Deception and wit are constant inhabitants of Baab’s photography while toying with the viewers’ adopted way of seeing things. Gazing upon these orchestrated frames, we find elements of surprise, discovery and fun.”

With only two years of exhibiting his work behind him, Baab states, "Being published and promoted, this early in my artistic career, is a wonderful gift. I am, equally, honored and amazed!”

Baab’s new work has also been chosen for the upcoming ‘Magic Without Tricks’ exhibition at Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square, Somerville, MA, on view August 27 - September 20, 2014.

ArtAscent’s 110 page Volume 8, featuring 30 international artists, is available for free and purchase via

About the artist:

Since Jim Baab’s first photography class in 1994, when he was inspired to photograph vegetables after viewing Edward Weston’s ‘Pepper No. 30’, his desire to find interesting shapes and fun combinations has lead him on a path of seeing that has evolved from elevating the ordinary to creating illusions that invite deeper conversations about human states of being and mankind’s connection to nature. His work has been chosen for international and national juried exhibitions in MA, VT, TN and CA. He has been awarded by the Mobile Photography Awards. And, he has self-produced two photo books.  More information about the artist and his creations can be found at and


'The Kiss' chosen for 'Water, Elemental and Fundamental'

My image, 'The Kiss', (below, featuring model Ella Rose,) has been chosen for the juried exhibition WATER: ELEMENTAL AND FUNDAMENTAL at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont. Juror Laura Moya chose 40 photographs for the gallery exhibition from more than 1,000 photographs submitted. In addition to being in the gallery exhibition, the work will also be available for viewing on the PhotoPlace Gallery website. All of the selected photos will be reproduced in a full-color catalog available for purchase from Blurb Books.

The exhibition will be on view at the gallery from September 23 through October 17. An artist's reception is currently scheduled in conjunction with the town of Middlebury Arts Walk on Friday, October 12th, from 5:30 to 7 pm. The Middlebury arts community welcomes you, your family and friends to join them for the celebration!

Liquid, frozen, or vapor, water in all its forms can be one of nature's most powerful forces and humans' most peaceful companions.  It occupies 75% of our planet and 65% of our bodies, and it's become the yardstick by which we measure global warming.  For this exhibition, we sought photographs in any style that told us more about water.

About the Juror: 
Director of Photolucida for eight years, Laura Moya has juried for Critical Mass, Blue Sky Gallery's Northwest Drawers, Newspace Center for Photography, United Photo Industries/The Fence and PhotoPlace Gallery. She has curated exhibits at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland (Photo Alchemy: An Exhibition of Alternative Process Photography, and Resurrection: A New Look at Old Photographic Processes), at the Lishui International Photo Festival in China (Desiree Edkins, Lori Vrba), and the Xiang Sha Wan Photo Festival in Inner Mongolia (Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, Nancy Newberry, Jane Alden Stevens). Laura co-curated an independent project, The Early Works Project  ( which exhibited at Newspace Center for Photography, Rayko Photo Center, and the Center for Fine Art Photography. She has also written pieces for Finite Foto (Lisa Law, Taj Forer), Griffin Museum's Critic's Pick (Chris McCaw), and Photo-eye 's blog (Lucas Foglia, Marjolaine Ryley).
Juror's Statement:
“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” - Loren Eiseley 
The driest place in the world is the Atacama Desert in South America, which receives four inches of rain every thousand years. The wettest place on earth is in India – Mawsynram has a yearly rainfall of 467 inches. There is no doubt that every inhabitant on this planet (as well as wilderness and agriculture) is affected by water on a daily basis in its various forms – liquid water, water ice, and water vapor.  
How does one visually capture something as definitive and elusive and shape-shifting as water?

The primary intent during the selection process for the Water, Elemental and Fundamental exhibit was to select work that prompts the viewer to see “water” in an unexpected way. So many generally gorgeous images passed through the winnowing process, as I wanted to choose work that showed how water might make one feel.  I thought of words like ‘scale’, ‘submersion’, ‘lucent‘, and ‘primordial’.  In the end, I hope this exhibit gives an exploratory yet balanced experience to the viewer, and perhaps a renewed appreciation.
Laura Moya
Director, Photolucida

The Kiss, ©2014  Jim Baab