25th Anniversary Limited Edition Print and Posters on Etsy starting Oct. 1, 2019

It's been 25 years since I created my first in-camera illusion; and, you can, now, order a limited edition print and/or two different sized posters via my store on Etsy.com!

Created in 1994, inspired by Edward Weston’s ‘Pepper No. 30’, my gleefully deceptive ‘Vegetarian Nude’, a grayscale image of a red pepper and Brussels sprout that relies on pareidolia, has surprised viewers in my home, at Somerville Open Studios, in a local specialty food shop, and in exhibitions where this figurative, still-life portrait has been displayed and sold. A great gift for the gardener, chef, nutritionist, nudist, AND restauranteur in your life!

Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/jimbaabphotography to purchase for you and yours today!

Redesign of Website

Yes. I, finally, pulled the trigger and went back to the template that helps show the plethora of themes and experiments that I have produced over the years. I hope to give more insight into my processes via this blog, as time moves on. Stay tuned!

Image of Ella Rose, ZoeFest XI, 2012.

Image of Ella Rose, ZoeFest XI, 2012.