Photo accepted to 'Transformations' s show in VT

Good news!

My 'Morning Muffin Smile' instagram photo has been selected by Ellen Jantzen for an online gallery annex that will compliment a December 'Transformations' photo exhibition in VT. All of the photos selected for this exhibition, (including the ones selected for the online annex,) will be included in a book that will be sold via the on-demand book building site, Blurb. (Yes, exciting!)

Here is the link for the show. I am listed second, alphabetically, in the annex section, below the photos accepted for the physical exhibition.

Thank you for your attention and continued support!



 'Morning Muffin Smile'  ©2012 Jim Baab      

'Morning Muffin Smile'
 ©2012 Jim Baab